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Kajabi is an online platform that allows you to build, grow, and market your online business. It’s also one of the most popular platforms to do just that. One of the big things Kajabi offers is that you can use it to build your whole website. But can you build great-looking websites?

In fact, it can! The all-in-one nature of Kajabi offers you a simpler way to create engaging websites, all while saving you time and effort. People from every area of knowledge and expertise use Kajabi to build their sites: real estate, fitness and nutrition, interior design, and more!

Today we’re going to look at ten different websites built with Kajabi. Hopefully, this can offer some inspiration and ideas of what kinds of sites you can create.

Different Kajabi Websites

1. Maggie Landes, MD

Founded by a doctor and public health nutritionist, Maggie Landes wants to help those who visit her site set goals, eat well, and experience personal growth without having to obsess over food and diets.

You could say this is kind of a “standard” Kajabi website. The first thing you’ll see is this hero image at the top. A hero image is used to describe a header or banner image on your webpage that extends the full width of the page. Because of its placement at the top, it should give a person an immediate idea of who you are and what your website is about.

Next to her logo, there is a simple menu right at the top, guiding people to learn more about Maggie, see the courses and coaching programs she offers, and visit her blog. Each section on the homepage, broken up by topic or freebie, uses different images or colors to separate the content while also keeping the interest of the visitor. This template could be a landing page or a sales page in Kajabi.

Again, it’s pretty simple and standard for a webpage. Maggie includes some features like opt-ins, but Kajabi offers so many more design features that you can put it to personalize your site.

2. Orthovated

Dr. Robert Trujillo, the founder of Orthovated, offers training, certifications, and coaching to orthodontists, dentists, and clinic owners.

This website is very similar to Maggie Landes—pretty simple in terms of template and layout. However, one effect he’s added is motion to his webpage. You’ll see as you scroll down the page, different images and graphics slide in, and content pops up. For those of you who use WordPress, this is similar to the Divi theme. The benefit of using Kajabi over WordPress is the simplified interface. WordPress will allow you to do almost anything, you just have to have the right plugins and extensions. With Kajabi, everything you need to build, create, and host your online business site is all in one place.

And that’s the nice thing about what Orthovated does. There is information about consultations, coaching, and live workshops, plus sections that encourage people to opt into their email marketing, and they use different elements and designs offered through Kajabi.

3. The Kenza Collective

The Kenza Collective offers resources to parents who want to learn how to successfully achieve a work-life balance.

One of the first things you will notice is that instead of a hero image, there is a video at the top of their page. Not only that, but they include their call to action right at the top. A call to action is intended to persuade or encourage someone to perform a particular act whether it’s to buy a product, watch a video, or “sign up here!” So the fact the Kenza Collective includes their call to action at the beginning, that’s just smart marketing.

Then like Orthovated, they utilize motion and different elements as the viewer scrolls down the page. Their podcast is featured, links to sales pages for both paid and free courses, and at the bottom is a place to opt in to join a community of like-minded parents. Email opt-ins just mean more smart marketing!

4. The Beatitudes Project

Named after a passage in the Bible, the Beatitudes Project is about helping others discover the meaning of the Scriptures and how to live out the teachings in their own lives.

Although Kajabi customizations would allow you to use any color or image as a background for your website, plain white backgrounds are becoming more common. You can see how clean this particular site looks by using white backgrounds, and it draws the eye straight to the hero image and one-liner at the top of the page.

This is another simple site you can create in Kajabi. The resources that came out of the founder’s experience exploring the Beatitudes—music, a book, a film, workbooks, and more—are explained toward the bottom, with a link to the 10-week digital course (also hosted on Kajabi).

5. Keith ferrin

If you're an author, speaker, mentor, or coach Kajabi's simple, yet professional websites will be a great fit for you. Similarly, if you are your brand Kajabi is a great option for having everything you offer altogether without having to build a custom website from scratch.

We know marketing is an important part of being a writer and as you can see on Keith's site there are options for a blog, a community, and educational courses all in one place. It makes your site a landing place for people new to your audience and a holding place for returning readers. You can provide information on your services and have a platform that includes building educational courses as well.

6. Earn That Body

Kajabi draws in a lot of businesses focusing on fitness and nutrition, and Earn That Body is no exception. Trainer Kim Eagle offers video courses, consultations, meal plans, and more to help people get in and stay in shape. Members can purchase these digital products through Kajabi’s online business tools.

One of the main reasons we are featuring this site is because of the pop-up notice that comes up, alerting visitors to the fact this site uses cookies. Other sites often use pop-ups to give a call to action or lead magnet (a free product or service like trial subscriptions, free consultations, newsletters, etc.).

And now you may be wondering if Kajabi works with that. Kajabi does, in fact, work with the different plugins you can add to your site to show endorsements, offer an opportunity to chat, or remind visitors of a freebie you currently have. Utilizing something like a pop-up can drive traffic to your sales pages or membership programs if done right.

7. Grant Cardone Training Center

Bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate mogul, Grant Cardone created his websites with Kajabi.

This particular site is just the training Cardone offers, hence the word “training” in the domain. This website is all about the digital courses, coaching, webinars that he offers for members, and it was all created with Kajabi.

Kajabi offers ready-made themes and customizable templates. But if you just need a place to house all of your digital products, you can do that too! Cardone’s site relies on a clean and consistent look with loads of information and quality information. As you can see here, Kajabi makes it clean, easy, and simple for you to create and market your products, and build sales funnels to encourage members to purchase content.

8. Brendon Burchard

One of the top motivational trainers and performance coaches, Brendon Burchard is also one of the biggest names associated with Kajabi.

His website has all of the Kajabi features we’ve discussed throughout this article: a good lead magnet opt-in at the top of his page, blog posts and paid course content in the middle, and full-page pop-up offering freebies. Although small, the widgets at the bottom of the page improve the functionality of your website and can grow your online business. These tools are common on other platforms like WordPress, and if you didn’t know any better, you may never know this is a Kajabi site.

9. FullyRaw

Another site that fits into the health and wellness niche, Kristina, founder of FullyRaw, offers resources to help people take control of their health.

Compared to the first site in this article, FullyRaw takes advantage of the ability to customize Kajabi templates. The bright colors and consistent theme makes it a really great, engaging website.

And the designs and colors don’t detract from the content; Kristina still includes the call to action right first thing on the page, and a lead magnet to get her free e-book. One element we haven’t explored is retreats or other trips featured on a website.

Essentially, when you click the “Book Now” button it takes you to a sales page. It’s similar to other sales pages you might see on a site hosted on Kajabi, it’s just instead of a digital product, FullyRaw is offering reserved spots on a yoga retreat. This just shows the versatility of Kajabi—you aren’t limited to selling only one or two products, but you can modify it to fit your business needs.

10. Penny in Your Pocket

Penny is all about helping online entrepreneurs build their website, sales page, course, or program using Kajabi!

Her products include one-on-one coaching, training and workshops, and Kajabi templates. And it’s evident that Penny is creative and successful at what she does—in addition to the clean look and consistent color scheme, Penny is able to use Kajabi to its fullest capabilities. She uses motion elements, and instead of block sections, it looks as though the entire site was created by a graphic designer.

If you’re looking for a beautiful theme for your Kajabi site, go check out Penny in Your Pocket. You can use her templates as-is, or adapt them to match the look and feel of your online business. Either way, you don’t have to start from scratch building your site on Kajabi.


So, there you have it: ten different Kajabi website examples. As you can see, it’s more than hosting your website; you can create and market your courses and products, leverage sales funnels, build member communities, and more. We hope this article gave you a sense of what kind of sites you can create on Kajabi and the extent of what you can do on Kajabi.

If you want to begin using Kajabi but don’t know where to start, use our affiliate link and get some free coaching from us. We want to help you build a great-looking website!